Kim Le


Montreal: Day 1

I met Kim Le at the airport. I overheard her asking a man how to get to a rental car company. She sounded frustrated, as was I. We both assumed the company’s rentals were at the airport. Once I realized our common problem, I offered to call the company for the both of us. They told me they would send a shuttle. They didn’t say it would take 45 minutes. Needless to say, that gave us plenty of time to talk.

Kim Le is originally from Vietnam but currently resides in Tampa. She spoke of how she moved to the U.S. at 18 years old with no family and she didn’t speak English. Today, she speaks five languages. She told me she and her eight siblings all spoke different languages and how her parents were big on education.

As we stood in Quebec, a bilingual province, I wished I had grown up speaking multiple languages too. I had this desire to understand people just as they are. I told Kim Le that I had studied French for five years in school, but I spent years allowing my knowledge of it to fade. She offered me her number on one condition: when I call and text, we only speak in French.

She told me, “When you keep an open mind the right people will come to you, the right friends, and the right man. Never stop learning.”


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