Montreal: Day 3

First off, Danny needs a raise. My friend and I met him when we stumbled across a chocolate restaurant. When we walked in, he came over to seat us, but we only wanted a menu. (We had just paid $70 for decent jazz and mediocre food at another restaurant so we were reluctant.) To no surprise, the food looked AMAZING, but the price held us up.  That’s when Danny put in work. In a matter of minutes, we were seated and deciding what we would split since “the portion size would be enough” for both of us. He won us over. Then again, he won me over.

While we calculated our pocket change, Danny started talking to us about our trip and where we’re from. He’s Lebanese but moved to Montreal when he was 7. When I told him I was from Kansas, he lit up. Who knew a 24-year-old in Canada would be a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan? Fortunately, I didn’t go there. I kindly told him that I attended Wichita State. He responded, “Oh yeah! You guys did really good in the tournament one year, right? Weren’t you the underdogs?” The fact that he knew anything about my Shockers made me proud.

As if his smile & charm wasn’t enough. He didn’t lie about the food. It didn’t disappoint.



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