Jean & Bob

Montreal: Day 3

When you meet Jean & Bob, it’ll feel like you’ve known them for years. I met the couple while on riverboat cruise. Despite Bob’s hat and love for Canada, they’re both American. They met at a bar in Cape Cod and married six months later at age 23. They’ve now been married for 46 years.

They told me they never had any children so they travel often. Bob estimates they’ve been to Montreal about 90 times together.

Before retirement, he worked in the wine business and Jean worked as an English teacher. She said, “He brags about me all the time, but won’t ever tell people he’s such an amazing salesman.” To that he replied, “I’m good because I don’t sell, I build relationships.” It was something I could tell was true.

They took down my friend’s contact information and invited us to visit them someday so they can take us to the mountains in New Hampshire. It’s an offer I hope never expires.


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