I met Aman at an ice cream shop in North Vancouver, BC. I needed someone to take a picture of Bianca and I, and there he was sitting alone, dressed in fitness clothes and holding an ice cream cone. He caught my eye while we were in line, but now I had a reason to speak.

Breaking the ice was easy. I jokingly asked, “What good does it do to workout if you’re only going to eat ice cream afterwards?” He laughed and responded, “You assume I’ve been working out.”

Aman was born and raised in Vancouver and said he works as a lawyer for the government. He told me he also spent some time in Ottawa, but believes no one should ever live in a place that cold.

When I told him I was from Kansas City, he instantly jumped to sports. When I said I graduated from Wichita State University, he mentioned the Shockers and Toronto Raptors player Fred Vanfleet, who previously attended my alma mater.

My conversation with Aman didn’t last long enough. He was the breath of fresh air I needed for the day, friendly, and welcoming. He invited us to grab drinks with him and a friend at a bar, but we declined. I don’t drink and our next destination was the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.


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