We met Dina at Colorado Cherry Company, a restaurant known for its cherry pie and black bing cherry cider. She’s originally from Colorado, but lived in California for 23 years while working for Boeing.

Her husband owns a business. She told us they would’ve had to pay a $900 startup fee for his business in Cali. That same fee, she said, is only $25 in Colorado. Needless to say, they moved back to her home state.

I didn’t spend much time meeting new people during this trip because I’m still adjusting to what social interactions look like during a pandemic, but Dina was friendly from the moment she saw us. She walked toward us outside the restaurant, stating how great the seating was: socially distanced and under a tree. We took that moment to introduce ourselves and ask for directions. She doubted her knowledge of the area, but her directions were spot on.

Colorado Cherry Company

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