Cider + Cherry Pie: Colorado’s Sweet Spot

If you need a nice spot to grab a bite to eat in Lyons, you might want to make this your next stop. Colorado Cherry Company is what my friend called a hidden gem. She’d stumbled across the restaurant years ago after hiking to Bear Lake. She couldn’t remember the name of it or where it was located, but insisted that if we stumble across it again, “you have to try the pie!” Sure enough, it emerged as we were leaving Kruger Rock and she was right.

When we arrived, we walked right up to the cash register and decided on the quiche to start. The serving size was more than enough and the flavor was good, but not great. We knew, though, that the quiche wasn’t the star of the show. As soon as we got our food, the line started to wrap around the inside of the store. While some people came for the cider, others showed up for the pie. I, however, chose both.

I grabbed a bottle of black bing cherry cider from the fridge and ordered the cherry streusel pie a la mode. While the cider reminded me of prune juice, the pie didn’t disappoint. It was everything I didn’t know I wanted: the crunch, the tart, the sweet, the warmth of pie and the coolness of ice cream.

If you’re driving by, I’d suggest giving them a try. Right now, masks are required to go inside and there are stickers socially distanced on the floor to help guide the line. Seating is available inside and outside.

What are some of your favorite restaurants that you’ve stumbled across while traveling? What would you recommend on the menu?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    Cherry cider! This I need to try 🍒😍


    1. SyKnese says:

      Oh, for sure! They also had raspberry and peach cider!


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