3 Tips For Traveling During The Pandemic: Denver Edition

Traveling during the pandemic can come with its challenges, but it’s not impossible. In July, my friend and I took a trip to Denver, Colorado. While it had everything we needed for a quick getaway, it didn’t exactly pan out how we planned. If you’re planning a trip, keep reading to avoid the situations we didn’t know would await us.

6 Tips For Traveling In Montréal

Spending a week in Montreal can get expensive. Luckily, I was prepared, but I wasn’t really sure of what to expect. Here are some tips to help you out before you plan your next trip there.

6 Places To Visit In Montréal

When I suggested taking a vacation in Montréal, my friends weren’t exactly excited or interested. In fact, I originally planned it as a solo trip because no one wanted to come. Understandably, Montréal isn’t exactly a desired destination for most people, but contrary to popular belief, there’s tons to do and see. Here’s some places…