Montreal: Day 5

After you meet Hector, you won’t ever forget him. His smile and laughter would carry joy into any room. His personality was one of sass and pizzazz with a comedic flare. I met him in the Old Port of Montreal. While my friend contemplated shooting her shot with one of his co-workers, we encouraged her and cheered her on. He even pretended to be the good-looking French man she gushed over so she could practice before she walked over. I’m pretty sure his co-worker was watching us the entire time.

As she finally began to make her move, I spent my time getting to know Hector better. It’s not his first name, but it is the one he prefers. He takes pride in who he is and where he’s from, even when others don’t. Because of his accent, he told me people have told him to go back to his country. The thing is: he’s already in it. He was born in Montreal in a hospital you can see from the Old Port. He speaks English, French & Spanish.

Hector wants to be a flight attendant someday. I’m sure his humor will make for one heck of a ride.


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